dotmoovs ahead of time. Introducing an updated Roadmap!

4 min readSep 15, 2021



Ahead of time. Listening to the crowd!

Some months ago we released our Roadmap. But so much has happened that we need to update it — and we’re doing it for good reasons.

When we started this adventure, we couldn’t predict how things would go. We’re developing some groundbreaking technologies to change the world of sports. Small thing, hun?

BUT, we managed to grow faster than we were expecting and thanks to an amazing team of developers, data scientists and engineers, together with our fantastic team of business, marketing and growth managers, we managed to stay ahead of schedule and plan several new features to make the app even more engaging.

Please check November 25th Update here, it completes this information

What’s new, pussycat?

Tom Jones says he has flowers and lots of hours, we, on the other hand, have exciting future quarters and lots of supporters!

The MOOV Balls Collection was launched and together with it so was our incredible Marketplace. Although the Marketplace had been originally planned for later this quarter, we managed to secure its conclusion ahead of time.

Something that had been lingering in our heads for some time was the unique Sports Mining feature — and it’s finally coming! Our Sports Mining 1.0 brings an out-of-the-box concept to the table: what if we would allow our users to earn while playing but also when they’re not? By combining Play2Earn — where players earn when playing — with Staking — a way of earning while the tokens are parked (like a bank deposit when you earn some interest rate when you’re not moving your money around) — we’re bringing new ways to monetise your efforts and assets.

If you’ve been paying attention and you are a long time Moover, you noticed that we launched the first and only Sports AI NFT in the World, given to Szymon, winner of the MOOV Europ Championship, where the legend Luis Figo was the final jury. What you’re probably not aware of is that YOU will also be able to have your own MOOV NFT. More on that later.

We’re obviously super excited with the Legendary Challenges coming on the app. These challenges are supposed to be fun — so if you can’t do it the first time, you just need to keep trying until you can make it. The goal is to improve your performance and learn from the best. As with any challenge, it wouldn’t be complete if you weren’t rewarded with something — in this case with official badges proving you made it and of course $MOOVs for you to play in the app.

Glueing all of this together is of course our app and its engaging system. The Balls Collection was just the beginning and their utility together with the rewards multiplier they will add to the game, are among some of the most interesting features of the app. We’re bringing together the physical and digital world, just like we always said we would. This 1st collection is the stepping stone for a new reality also built by you.

Spilling the guts on Telegram

Our CCO, Ricardo, recently gave a pretty good insight on Telegram on what was about to happen in early 2022. So here we are to confirm it: we’re planning on introducing some amazing Branded Tournaments, a New Sport (beta version) and its corresponding NFT collection!

In the 2nd Quarter we expect to launch some of the most interesting and groundbreaking features such as the Branded Fun Hubs, the Social Network for Sports Scouting and Coaching and the Sports & Crypto Marketplace where you can earn and buy your favourite sports goods with the $MOOVs you have!

November 25th Update

So, our Roadmap needed a slight update! Soon we will be introducing NFT Renting and a whole economic model for our moovers, so we felt the need to reflect such improvements on our roadmap.

Also, another important note is that the developments of the future sport to be released on dotmoovs app and its play2earn model have been going relatively faster than anticipated. This will allow us to launch a beta version for this sport and start improving its AI sooner than expected.

And this is why we’re so extremely excited with the future ahead of us!




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