Road to success. dotmoovs’ detailed roadmap for 21/22

dotmoovs is thrilled to announce its detailed roadmap and future work. At dotmoovs, you can compete with others around the world. You just need to bring your skills, ambition, and smartphone. We will do the rest with our AI-based video referee to assess your performance.

We’re turning everyone’s training at home into a powerful competition. Through trusted and fair competitions, everyone can improve their performances and advance their skills in a sport, regardless of where they are or their economic support. dotmoovs is democratizing sports by addressing issues that limit competition.

Another fantastic value proposition we want to offer you is the opportunity to collect our rare and unique dotmoovs Official NFT’s Collection. We are working really hard on the first soccer edition of our sports card collections edition. Be the first to grab one of these scarce cards of your favorite sporting superstars! You can do it in two ways: staking $MOOVs or playing with $MOOVs in our challenges. The more you win, the more challenges and collectibles you can access.

Our roadmap

To ensure our investors and users know what we are doing and what they can expect from us, we’re sharing our road ahead. Although we’ve started working some time ago and have already accomplished fundamental developments, we still have several important milestones to achieve soon and in the long run.

dotmoovs’ roadmap in a nutshell

We aim to create a truly unique competitive environment that allows players at all skill levels, professionals, and amateurs, to invest in themselves and in their own skills and create competitive matches with anyone in the world. dotmoovs looks forward to empower athletes and communities that love sports.

2021 Q2

The year started with a lot of research from our side. Despite our background in AI and Biomechanics, we had to understand the state-of-art to properly provide you a strong and competitive environment. This quarter was also dedicated to plan the scientific development and the implementation of object detection and recognition algorithms. Additionally, to design a robust performance score we had to explore the fundamentals biomechanics of movement of freestyle soccer players. Later this quarter, news on NFT farming can be expected!

2021 Q3

Keep an eye out for the alpha release of our first MVP scoring algorithm during the 3rd quarter of 2021. We will also start the community data collection with token rewards, plus we’ll be launching the first NFT collectibles with our Ambassadors!

2021 Q4

This quarter is going to be the quarter for dotmoovs. Although, we will keep with data collection and further arbitration engine tests, but we will be launching the beta version of our app just for you to try the whole experience at dotmoovs challenges. This is when we are going to test the scoring algorithm with the first player pool.

With us, every movement counts so be ready to help us select the next sports for us to research deeper.

Our development is focused on our users, therefore in this quarter we will be improving our app based on your feedback.

2022 Q1

The beginning of 2022 is going to be important for dotmoovs. We will be releasing the first arbitration engine release for one sport (Freestyle Soccer). We’re also planning to migrate to Polkadot in this quarter. Stay tuned because strong sports partnerships and ambassadors are already defined! Prepare yourself because you will need to also be ready for the new NFT’s edition of dotmoovs sports card collection.

2022 Q3

This is the quarter where we will allow our players to perform safely from cheating mechanisms. Through our AI-based anticheat mechanism will make sure there is fair play in every challenge. In this quarter we also expect to launch more sports and respective arbitration engines.

2022 Q4

It is definitely difficult to predict the future. But we promised that you could practice any sports you loved. So, my friends, that’s exactly what we are going to do. We plan our expansion to further sports with new data collection and expert sponsorship, and beta release of new arbitration engines. Don’t forget that with every new sport dotmoovs release and new sports collection begins!

What do you think about our roadmap? Are you up for the challenge of joining us in this journey! Let’s revolutionise sports (and) crypto!



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dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges