The Economic Manual of dotmoovs

  1. Intro
  2. Using & Renting NFTs
  3. The Bonuses & Challenges
  4. Rollovers & Withdrawals

1. Intro

dotmoovs has recently been showing how the world of sports might be on the verge of a revolution

​​Just like in real life, you will need a ball to compete for rewards

The possible revenue streams for the dotmoovs player

The user will be able to use $MOOVs to:

2. Using & Renting NFTs

We have been looking for beneficial solutions for our users — specially regarding the burden fees currently being charged by some providers. That’s why our marketplace is now running on Polygon’s chain, allowing lower fees for everyone.

How to use them?

How to rent them?

How to win them?

3. The Bonuses & Challenges

Getting rewarded for consistency

But that’s not all…

4. The xMOOV & Rollovers


Rollovers & Withdrawals

Note: All amounts are in $xMOOV
Total Pot is “Your Amount+Other Player Amount-Playing Fee”
Your Investment refers to the accumulated amount



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