MOOV Euro Championship 2021

dotmoovs is celebrating UEFA’s EURO 2020 with its own MOOV Championship…

…and joining the party with some very unique challenges and prizes

It’s the moment to share the same passion for dotmoovs as football fans will show supporting their country during UEFA Euro 2020!

MOOV European Championship starts today, June 11th, and we will be following EURO 2020 calendar.


- $5.000 in token rewards (+250.000 $MOOV)
- One Legendary NFT to be disclosed
- Legend Luís Figo as the Final Jury
- Rare NFTs
- Possibility of Staking MOOVs
- Have chance of becoming part of the Jury and win a Golden Ticket for our future lottery
- Several side events happening

“What Can You Do With A Ball?”

Welcome to I MOOV European Championship, this year held under the topic “What Can You Do With A Ball?”. We’re targeting all the talented people out there, whether you’re a skilled freestyler or a creative mind, you can join the competition.

All you have to do is pretty much record a video, tag dotmoovs and stay tuned to our channels — we will take care of the rest. Read the information carefully to not miss any step:

1. Record a video connected to our competition topic

  1. Videos should start with the player saying “This is my dotmoovs’ video” (read notes below)
  2. Videos should be under 30sec
  3. Player needs to interact with the ball
  4. There is no special requirement on what type of ball you must use (footbags are accepted)

Note that, the video:
- needs to have whole body visible
- needs to have good lighting conditions
- needs to have a good contrast with the background (contrast between the background and the player and ball)
- needs to be filmed still, moving the camera as little as possible
- should avoid having other people passing by
- if it doesn’t start with the player saying the required sentence out loud, it should at least be identifiable as your own video in any other clear way [updated on June 21st]

2. Submit you video to one of your social media channels

  1. Submit your video on TikTok, Twitter or Instagram (no other social network will be considered. Duplicated submissions will not be considered)
  2. Tag @dotmoovs and use the hashtags #dotmoovs #MOOVEURO
  3. The deadline for submissions is June 28th [updated on June 21st]


1st Place| $3.500 worth of $MOOV+ Legendary NFT of the FIRST Sports AI NFT in the World
2nd Place | $1.500 worth of $MOOV
16 finalists | First dotmoovs NFT (Rare Collection)

Important dates

June 28thVideo submission period ends
June 30thRound of 16 (16 best announcement)
July 2ndQuarter-finals (8 best announcement)
July 6th Semi-finals (4 best announcement)
July 11thWinner announcement

Who will be the Jury?

Round of 16 Jury

Our holders (+10K $MOOV) will have the chance of being part of the jury, choosing the 16 best videos by June 28th. To be a part of the jury, you can register here. All jury members will be awarded with a Golden Ticket for dotmoovs next Lottery.

Quarter-finals Jury

The team from Moonrock Capital and Morningstar Ventures, our top investors, will be choosing the best 8 videos from the pool of 16.

Semi-finals Jury

Our own dotmoovs’ team will be choosing the best 4 videos.

Final Jury

dotmoovs’ ambassador, UEFA’s advisor, “Ballon d’or 2000” and “World player of the year 2001”, Luís Figo will be choosing the Best Video on our competition’s final, July 11th.

Side Events

A series of side events will happen during the next month. Make sure you follow our channels to stay up-to-date and not missing out!

AMA with superstar Ricardo Quaresma
Sticker Challenge: Choose our next sport! $100 in rewards!
Launching Legendary NFT
First dotmoovs NFTs (Rare Collection)
And more, much more



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dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges