Legendary Players. Legendary Challenges

Where did you first hear the term “Legendary Challenges”?

It was a brief mention. Quick and painless. Discrete and almost imperceptible. But it was there for everyone to see it. On our latest AMA, one of our followers asked an apparently simple question:

“Are there other games, such as educational games, entertainment games, or other games that can be played and competed?”

This was answered by dotmoovs’ COO in a short video, where she explained that in the near future the platform will have more games, always related to sports. Salomé went on by saying that:

“(…) you might not need to play, but you’ll need to show your knowledge in Sports, also allowing you to earn NFTs and $MOOVs to move forward. But the focus is actually to allow athletes in the real world to join the crypto ecosystem and to be able to make a sustainable model to keep playing and to keep improving in sports.”

And it was then that the information slipped:

“There will also be legendary challenges where, if you feel comfortable and confident with skills, you can challenge some of our most iconic players in the app and try to beat their scores.”

So, here we are, confirming what our COO stated and explaining what it means!

We’re bringing to the app some iconic players, active or retired, that for the love of sports will challenge YOU to beat their scores. You’ll be able to find names like Luís Figo, 2001 FIFA’s Best Player of the World, performing a routine and you’ll be able to try to beat him.

But fear not, they will not drain your funds. These challenges are supposed to be fun — so if you can’t do it the first time, you just need to keep trying until you can make it. The goal is to improve your performance and learn from the best. As any challenge, it wouldn’t be complete if you weren’t rewarded with something — in this case with official badges proving you made it and of course $MOOVs for you to play in the app.

Oh, and you’ll be able to share your achievements with the world, but especially with that annoying friend that keeps saying he’s better than you!

So, and to conclude, it’s is going to be LEGEN — wait for it — DARY



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dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges