Sports Mining. Where playing meets earning


The (r)evolution of sports is starting to take place

You don’t need to wait anymore: the expected Sports Mining has arrived! Sports Mining is a concept that allows users to earn while playing but also when they’re not. We’re talking about combining Playing with Earning — a way to monetise your assets while they are parked and you are MOOVing (imagine a bank that pays you everytime you go training).

Users can collect digital assets just by participating (win or lose) on challenges on the platform. Mining features incentivise athletes to save their assets and access the Play2Earn features that allow them to earn more by participating in challenges, competitions and completing milestones on dotmoovs mobile app.

This is a major step in many ways: we want users to understand crypto operations and to promote their sports performance. This is a great opportunity to close the gap between the crypto and the real world, trying to make adoption easier by the day.

Apply for the app. This might actually be a final call to early adopters!

The fastest way to try the app is to apply for early access. The truth of the matter is that we’re closing in on our maximum number of early adopters. After that, there’s only one way to get access: wait for the official launch.

You can actually be one of the first to start earning from every match you play, even when you lose!

Sports Mining is actually one of our most relevant features that truly embodies the Play to Earn spirit. It allows users to earn while they play at dotmoovs, regardless of the outcome of the game. It is a direct incentive that rewards loyal and active members who are helping us drive adoption by playing games at dotmoovs. All you need is to set a minimum amount on our platform and from then on, for each game you play, we reward you with 5% extra rewards(calculated on the buy-in of each challenge).

Badges & Tiers

The first tier to be open is our Bronze label that will get you 5% extra rewards (calculated on the buy-in of each challenge) and an awesome Badge indicating you are a Bronze Saver!

After logging in on our web app, you’ll see your playing stats and a form where you can submit your feedback about your experience.

So, make the best use of dotmoovs’ platform and collect your prizes!



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dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges