WEEKLY RECAP: an MVP, an auction, and much more!

2 min readJun 27, 2021

Welcome, moovers and shakers, to yet another action-packed week.

We are on a mission, driving adoption, getting people to move more, earn more, achieve more, and there’s no stopping when you’re that driven.

So here’s what we’ve been up to:

The MVP is coming

Oh yes, we have a date. The 28th of June is the day of the MVP, and that means excellent opportunities for our whole community. So, what’s our Most Valuable Player (it actually means Minimum Viable Product, which is the first usable version of something)? Well, in our case it’s a simplified desktop version, consisting of a landing page where people will be able to upload videos of themselves.

Wanna learn more? Just click here.

The NFT auction is HERE

Ricardo Quaresma’s first ever NFT, which just so happens to be our first NFT as well, is out in the world. History is made.

Do you want to own it? So you can keep it forever? Or maybe sell it? Or trade it? Or do with it literally whatever you want, because it will be yours?

Well, you can.

Here’s how.

$MOOV liquidity is locked on Pancakeswap

We had already done it on Uniswap, and now we’ve done it on Pancakeswap too.

We take this seriously, and that means earning trust, not expecting it.

Read all about why we’ve decided this was the right move.

Do NOT forget the MOOV Championship

You can still apply. We have extended the deadline because we want you to join us. Yes, you specifically, reading this. You can still submit your video. You can still win.

Caitlyn Schrepfer joined the challenge and we’re very excited welcoming onboard the USA #1 Female Freestyler, 2nd in the World and World Record Holder.

What are you waiting for?

  • $5.000 in token rewards
  • Legendary + rare NFTs??
  • The legend Luís Figo as Jury???
  • Golden Tickets????

Yes. All of that and more.

Go, now. Do it. Quickly.




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