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An important milestone for dotmoovs and for the future of Sports

Launching for 1… Wait… 2000 users!

The legend Tony Bennet used to sing that “poets often use many words to say a simple thing […]: Fly me to the moon!”. Welcome to dotmoovs, dear Moovers!

This was an important week! We released the app for 2000 users in a surprise event, doubling the number and increasing…

Playing meets Staking. The way to start a week

It was a long way until this day. Those paying attention know that the term was firstly used on dotmoovs’ white-paper — a set of words closely resembling “game mining”, an expression that had been gaining traction within the gaming industry. Slowly, throughout the months we have been explaining and…

A coined term by dotmoovs

The (r)evolution of sports is starting to take place

You don’t need to wait anymore: the expected Sports Mining has arrived! Sports Mining is a concept that allows users to earn while playing but also when they’re not. …

The Listing

The news were out on August 16th. Breaking sooner than we expected, BitGlobal announced that $MOOV would be listed somewhere in the near future. However how “near” was the mystery. The news came this week with the announcement of September 24th.

The South Korean cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2014…

The waiting is over, the Listing is here

We know, it sure looked like it was never going to arrive. After this surprise announcement, we had to wait 5 long weeks to see it coming: the official date is Wednesday, September 29th. Bitglobal is a worldwide trading platform for digital assets. …

Our road to the App is being built

This Week in Metrics:

  • 77% Challenges Requested on the Plaftorm
  • 43 Users From New Cities Registered
  • 7% Higher MOOV Invested Per Challenges
  • +50 New Users Registered
  • Legendary NFT Packs SOLD OUT

Our road to the App is being built

“The Balls” Collection was launched to start a new phase on dotmoovs. A phase where engagement is key and entertainment is king. A…

Ahead of time. Listening to the crowd!

Some months ago we released our Roadmap. But so much has happened that we need to update it — and we’re doing it for good reasons.

When we started this adventure, we couldn’t predict how things would go. We’re developing some groundbreaking technologies to change the world of sports. …

NFTs and football… With a twist

It’s a unique collection of 5 different legendary balls (each from 10 to 100 units), 10 different rare balls (each from 200 to 250 units) and 10 different common balls (each with 350 units). Oh… And have we mentioned the Galaxy Ball?

Tomorrow, September 30th, will be the day where…

We’ve announced our first collection of NFTs, but what’s their purpose and utility besides being collectible?

NFTs are such an interesting asset: they can be used for so much more than just collecting them. As you might have noticed in our previous article, our collections will be used for making the game even more appealing and engaging.

What’s the Plan? The NFT 2.0

Let’s dig deeper:

We’ve mentioned it before: collect to…

Ready to enter into a new Universe with $MOOV?

Common. Rare. Legendary. You probably are familiar with the terms. You’ve seen them before. But what we’re introducing here is something that no one has ever done before.

We want to gamify sports and make it even more iconic, unique and fun by merging the Digital with Physical, creating a…


dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges

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