Well Moovers, another week has passed and with it a clearer vision on what to expect from the future. It’s Sunday Weekly Recap!

First, a shout out to all our talented and dedicated members to join our Ambassadors Program. We know that several of our moovers are not great freestylers, but just like ourselves, they truly like the project and want to support it, so we decided to bring this model where anyone can participate and choose their best ability to help. Join our football stars and get rewarded for it!

dotmoovs is bringing Play2Earn (P2E) to the game. The…

This is one for the records — dotmoovs is leveraging Exeedme technology for Play2Earn, token staking, NFTs and governance features, integrating them in their Sports ecosystem.

With the access to Exeedme’s open source libraries and also some proprietary codebase, dotmoovs will be empowering a bridge between web 2.0 apps and web 3.0 Play2Earn environments in Sports. Starting with Staking and Game Mining features into their ecosystem in a quick and seamless manner, which will evolve into a NFTs Sports market.

Exeedme is a fair and trusted Play2Earn gaming platform, built on top of the blockchain.

They enable all gamers to…

We’ve all heard about Freemium or Free2Play… In fact, that has been the dominant business model in the gaming industry. Now, it’s time for Play2Earn to take the stage.

Free2Play (F2P) video games are games that give players access to a significant portion of their content without paying. Instead of asking for payment before using a certain game, the F2P model is basically a free-to-start and originated in the late 1990s and early 2000s, coming from a series of highly successful MMOs targeted towards children and casual gamers. This model allowed a free game experience and monetising the player base through ads and in-app purchases — many times seen as a predatory monetisation, rapidly evolving to a more decadent “Pay2Win”.

BUT… the term “Free” in “Free2Play” does not mean…

Welcome to our weekly recap, dearest moovers,

The world of sports is moving full steam ahead, and the Olympic Games have just started. How excited are you to see that this world that we are so passionate about is finally emerging from this year of paralysis?

Well, we haven’t stopped ourselves, so here’s what we’ve been up to:

Our first staking round was a massive success, and we filled all our pools in six hours. This time, we are making sure it lasts a little longer, so more people can benefit.

Check out our article here, with all the details.

One little spoiler, though: you’ll have to…

Hello again, sports fans!

You might have noticed that we have started a new series here on the dotmoovs blog. We are sharing some of the hard-earned knowledge we’ve acquired building and running this company. You are our community, you are the lifeblood of this enterprise, and we want to pay it forward.

The first article we wrote was a brief history of AI. We looked at how the concept of AI developed through the ages, from the first mythical and fictional conceptions humanity had of it (some are EXTREMELY old) to our modern, technological conception of it.

You should take a look, if…

Time to bring the Ambassador’s Program to the table

We were long waiting for this moment: bringing YOU to the team! When we launched our MVP, we promised it would bring more than just an opportunity for you to try our technology — it would be the catalyzer of several other opportunities. The staking was the first one, now comes… The Ambassadors Program!

We know that several of our moovers are not great freestylers, but just like ourselves, they truly like the project and want to support it, so we decided to bring this model where anyone can participate and choose their best ability to help:

The model is…

That’s right: we’re back!

We heard you. And… Seeing the pools filling in less than 6 hours might have given us the idea that demand was high! So, we decided to run a poll, and about ⅔ of you chosen BSC over ERC20 to run the next staking pool. Although it’s commonly said in Portugal that “One cannot please Greeks and Trojans”, we decided to try just that by opening two new pools — one in BSC and another in ERC20.

Let’s recap: Staking is when your $MOOV multiplies itself. The basic idea is quite simple: you put some of your $MOOV tokens (only…

Welcome back, moovers!

How are you after yet another week of building the foundations for a new era in sports and crypto?

Oh, that was us?

We’re doing very well indeed. Let’s tell you what we’ve been up to.

We’d like to start this post by mentioning something that wasn’t our doing but definitely rocked the sports world. Italy has beaten England in the final of Euro 2020. That deserves to be celebrated.

After such a tough year for sports, professional or otherwise, to see such a beautiful team playing positive and creative football earn the highest honour was inspiring to all of…

Joining the prediction party

Predicting markets? That’s what our friends at Polkamarkets are doing… And we’ve decided to join the party!

We’re all for using blockchain to create an environment where it’s safe and friendly for people using it. But let’s start with the essential: what has Polkamarkets been doing?

Prediction markets might not ring a bell right now, but they’re basically investments on contracts whose payoffs depend on a future event. Let’s give you an example: you are quite convinced that a certain football club is going to be winning next year’s World Cup. Then you are going to be investing in contracts that pay off if they do win. But does that mean that it’s like blockchain betting? …

Hello moovers,

This is the beginning of a new kind of article in our Medium. We are building this company on the values shared by the two communities we serve, sports and crypto. These values need to be present in everything we do, whether they be paying it forward or transparency. Another one of the values that we hold dear, and that we know our community appreciates, is sharing knowledge.

Both crypto and sports are about bringing people from all backgrounds together and teaching them how to handle themselves in our worlds. Well, we have been fortunate enough to acquire some knowledge…


dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges

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