World Football Day Tournament

Press Release, dotmoovs (Tallinn ,Estonia), December 7th 2021

dotmoovs WFD Tournament premiers on December 10th and it’s the first of its kind

The idea of creating a tournament using sports and AI, where people from all over the world could take part in, started with the United Nations celebration of World Football Day on December 10th — a date that takes into account the love of this game in all countries of the world, believing that it was able to reflect and unite the national characters of different nations, which have their own style and game features. dotmoovs, a platform notorious for developing an AI platform that analyses the football performance of each user just by using their smartphone camera, is introducing its first fully global tournament.

With thousands of users from over 100 countries, the project challenged its community to use the app from which the 8 finalists, each representing a country, will emerge. A combination of the users’ overall score, the three best scoring Videos and the country of origin determines who will pass to the final stage.

In an era where investing in travelling to compete is just accessible to a few, dotmoovs wants to mark this day in its own way: a Tournament making it accessible for players from 8 different countries worldwide, to play against each other, digitally and physically, without ever leaving their home.

It’s the ultimate Play2Earn challenge!

Until December 9th, any user will be eligible to go to the finals. All they need to do is to complete at least three challenges in the app using at least 1 xMOOV to play each challenge. The 8 selected players will then move to a final stage where their best 3 videos will be used to put them against one another.

Have we mentioned crypto?

The platform uses its own currency, the token MOOV was launched earlier this year and is the trading currency for all the players in app, providing this way a truly global experience without the constraints of each nationality using its own currency.

The mechanics of dotmoovs is quite simple: you invest in yourself, challenge another player to do some freestyle soccer tricks and if you win, you take the pot of MOOVs minus a small fee. During the WFD Tournament, the three best players will also win a set of utility NFTs that they can rent, sell or use in the platform.

The NFT collection is one of the latest additions to the game, bringing the crypto community one step closer to the sports one and creating a relation between the two sides. This is because the NFTs will soon become a big part of the dotmoovs world, being used to enter challenges. But users don’t actually have to own one, they can find it in a matter of seconds on the platform’s renting marketplace, where the only thing they need to do is to share the profits if they win the challenge. And that’s how the crypto community can add another asset to their portfolio and make it profitable.

How to participate in the WFD Tournament?

dotmoovs makes it very easy and simple for anyone to take part in the tournament: any user just needs to download the app (available for iOS and Android on the App Store and the Play Store) and start playing, being required just a minimum of three games. Everyone is given 50 MOOV to use the first time they register, allowing a free participation and the chance to multiply their earnings. Make sure to read all the instructions on dotmoovs official website.



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