Where will $MOOV be used?

Getting your facts straight when it comes to Sports Mining

Democratising access to sports challenges

We want people from everywhere in the world to be able to compete within an environment that is free from currency value constraints, where a small USD fee can turn into a significant, burdensome barrier to overcome in another currency. The way to democratise access is by giving everyone a level playing field.

Athletes can collect $MOOVs and NFTs just by participating on challenges on the platform, growing their ranking position, or completing milestones. By staking $MOOV tokens or providing liquidity, athletes can unlock $MOOV rewards that can be collected based on their activity in the platform.


Players pick the sports, choose the stake, select an opponent or let dotmoovs do the matchmaking, and the competition begins.

Gaming modes: Solo, Party, Teams, and Pro- Seasons. The winner gets the prize pool minus organising fees.

dotmoovs LEAGUE

Players can join skill-filtered leagues that level the playing playfield, improve enjoyment and ensure opportunities at all skill levels to monetise and enhance skills.


dotmoovs wants to reward back athletes for using the platform. Win or lose, every time there is a match or a tournament, athletes win moving rewards in $MOOV.


By achieving certain ranking levels or completing certain milestones, players can be entitled to Sports NFT’s they can brag about and complete Sports collections.


Are used to fund $MOOV’s Reward Pools, NFT Reward Pools, and maintain operations and fund platform continuous development.


$MOOV and NFT rewards unlocked for each gamer will be based on the amount of $MOOVs they stake.

Access dotmoovs whether you’re an athlete or a community manager

If you’re a community manager, you’ll be able to customise challenges, prizes, and fees.

Sports Clubs, brands, live event organisers go fully digital and organise global live events. By staking $MOOVs, every community can start organising events, customise their challenges, prizes and fees.

Sports Clubs, brands, live event organisers can craft their own NFTs collections and distribute them.

If you’re an athlete, you’ll have access to exclusive competitions, collectibles, and digital perks.

Get early access to special competitions, have dedicated seasons, free Tournaments, and high access stakes games or VIP games against your idols.

Stakers can get access to the launch of exclusive NFTs from collaborations with Athletes, Brands, and Sports associations. Elaborate your profile and get access to avatars, exclusive badges, and even statistics on your performance to help you improve performance.

dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges