WEEKLY RECAP: We are TRIPLING the payout for liquidity providers on Uniswap (and plenty more!)

Welcome back moovers, we have had yet another relentlessly inventive week, here at dotmoovs, and we are taking this opportunity to tell you all about it.

So strap in, get ready, and let’s go:

It’s one of our most cherished initiatives, and we would hate it if you missed out.

It’s great for several reasons. The prizes are amazing (Quaresma NFTs, crypto!), of course. There won’t be just one winner. Five tickets are taking the goods home.

But the most important reason is that we are actually helping do some serious good with this.

50% of every penny we make on this lottery is going straight to Unicef. So please don’t miss this opportunity. Take part, do your part.

The lovely folk at Cudos are providing us with the exact tools we need: computing power. They have created the tech to use computing power that would be wasted otherwise. In a world that is filled to the brim with phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, etc., are we really going to waste all that power?


We are going to use it. We are going to use it to render video, empower our AI and do data analysis.

Learn more about that here.

We filled our first batch in six hours. All thanks to you guys! So now we are preparing the next set, and we want to know what you would like to see.

So head on over to our Twitter and tell us.

Who do you think the judges, including Portuguese football super-legend Luís Figo, will pick?

It’s getting close to that time.

Tick tock tick tock.

Did you think even for one second the lottery was the only way we were paying it forward?

No way. We want to help as many people as we possibly can, and with every tool at our disposal.

Our good friends at Exeedme are running a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament to benefit the good people at Gamers Outreach, and we are taking part.

Gamers Outreach is an incredible project that helps hospitalised kids experience video-games to alleviate their troubles, and we didn’t hesitate to offer our help.

We are bringing in some great players from our community too, so if you think you’re up for it, why don’t you apply to join us?

We love you guys. We couldn’t do it without you. Liquidity is a huge part of doing anything in the crypto field, and you have stepped up.

So this is our way of saying thanks. There’s not much to add here. Whatever your rewards were, you’re getting triple. It’s beautiful in its simplicity.

(If you aren’t yet part of the LPs and want to join, here’s all you need to know.)

And that was another week.

Well, we’re just getting started.



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