Weekly recap: The Quaresma NFT, some great reading materials and MORE

Welcome, sports & blockchain fans!

Superstar Ricardo Quaresma held his AMA

We asked our community to provide the questions and we appreciate your creativity and dedication. Quaresma had plenty of great stuff to choose from. We hosted it on our Telegram channel, which you should definitely join if you haven’t (link here).

If you missed it, worry not. We’ve written a full recap so you can get up to date on every single answer.

The Quaresma NFT is on its way

There will be a legendary version of it, and we think you are going to be very excited when you see it. Are you scared you’re gonna miss it? Feeling the FOMO? Well, we recommend following us on Twitter (@dotmoovs) and joining our Telegram (link here) so you’re safe.

Forbes is onto us

The Portuguese Forbes magazine has taken notice, and we’ve already been featured on their pages, alongside the two global superstars that have chosen to become our ambassadors:

“dotmoovs is the future of sports”, says Forbes.

We tend to agree.

We are partnering with AlephIM and BSC Station

Our friends at AlephIM are providing the tech to make that possible.

Here’s the article with all the details.

That being said, we wanted to make sure the NFTs themselves were up to snuff. BSC Station is a full-stack infrastructure platform for DeFi and NFTS and they are going to be joining us in this mission. Their first job: creating the Quaresma NFT that we are going to be unveiling very soon.

Of course, there’s an article detailing all of this as well.

We are proud to say we are Liquidity Locking

It’s our job as a serious blockchain company to give our community every guarantee that we will never do anything that isn’t fully transparent. This is why we have decided to lock 122.000$USD of our liquidity in the pool.

We are serious about this, and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Read about it here.

We have written about COVID19’s impact on sports

Sports aren’t just a past-time. They are the lifeblood of our communities.

It’s time to rebuild better and stronger. We have some thoughts on how.



Dotmoovs is an #AI app with social-Fi and #web3 sports games. Download now 👇🏻 dotmoovs.com/app

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Dotmoovs is an #AI app with social-Fi and #web3 sports games. Download now 👇🏻 dotmoovs.com/app