Tournament, High Scorer & Live Events. The #WeeklyRecap for those who missed the updates

Before beginning, a quick note about next week

If you are reading this, you’re a true Moover! So, you deserve some exclusive insights about dotmoovs world: next week will be an important week for all of us. We will be introducing and explaining, step-by-step, the game economy and everything there is to know about xMOOV & MOOV, Using & Renting NFTs, in-Game Rewards and Withdrawals, and much more! So keep an eye on our channels to make sure you are up-to-date.

Starting with the first in-app Tournament: MOOV The Block

We finally released the first app tournament and we started it by creating, for the first time, teams you could compete for. All you had to do was choosing your team and start playing and accumulating points for them! The 6 chosen teams were some of the most exciting Blockchain and Crypto projects around: Polygon, Ocean Protocol, Utrust, Ferrum, Exeedme and Cudos joined the party and brought their communities to dotmoovs world to compete for the 1st place!

High Scorer, Live Events & a Podcast

It was also time to announce our High Scorer of the Month of October: Belchior147 has beaten Szymo’s record! Congratulations to him!