This #WeeklyRecap brings you an AI Update and a [TBD Sport]2Earn

Starting the week with some Economics

Throughout the past week, we released a series of articles about dotmoovs economics — now it was time to glue it all together in a big manual that can guide you through our possible revenue streams.

Even though we are combining technology and sports, plus gamifying the whole thing and bringing blockchain and crypto to the equation, at the end of the day, we’ve always intended to bring a new revenue source to the most talented and engaged ones.

So, on a comprehensive guide, we brought you different topics: 1. Using & Renting NFTs / 2. The Bonuses & Challenges / 3. Rollovers & Withdrawals.

Without shooting off fireworks — because we know there is still a lot of work to do — our AI is getting better by the day. Our newest update brings you:

  1. Improved AI Object Tracking
  2. Improved Video Upload Analysis Time
  3. New Logo & Colours
  4. New positioning of elements

With these improvements, we are more confident that soon we’ll be ready to release the full version of our app.

Just a couple of months ago, because we managed to grow faster than we were expecting, we managed to stay ahead of schedule and plan several new features to make the app even more engaging.

Now, because soon we will be introducing NFT Renting and a whole economic model for our moovers, we felt the need to reflect such improvements on our roadmap.

Also, another important note is that the developments of the future sport to be released on dotmoovs app and its play2earn model have been going relatively faster than anticipated. This will allow us to launch a beta version for this sport and start improving its AI sooner than expected.

And this is why we’re so extremely excited with the future ahead of us!