The (not so boring) computer science behind your dance moves

FYI: There are no math formulas in this article.

2 min readJun 21, 2022


The dotmoovs mobile app allows you to put your dance skills to the test using a smartphone camera. But how are your dance moves rated?

The starting point

First, professional dancers are recorded doing a set of choreographies. Then, following our dance experts’ guidance, we break down each choreography into a sequence of movements (e.g., “arm raise” or “step to the left”) and classify them according to their difficulty. The professionals’ dance data is used as a reference for your performance.

When you feel like dancing (or should we say mooving?), you just pick the choreography and record yourself mimicking the expert’s moves, as you would in a dance class. Then, if you’re satisfied with your performance, you can submit the video so that our algorithm can rate it.

The logic behind the rating

Our technology detects the dancer’s motion and matches it with that of the expert. What this means is that we are able to quantify the similarity between your moves and those of the professional dancer. In doing so, we spot if you sped through the choreography or were careless with your movement, which will be reflected in your final score, of course.

The score

dotmoovs’ dance score is focused on two main components: time and body position. The algorithm detects how well your movement matched those of the expert dancer in a set period of time; and how well you physically replicated the dance moves (e.g., did you raise your arms all the way up in the air or just up to your shoulders?). Importantly, if you pull off dance moves’ combos deemed “difficult” by our expert team, you’ll get more points than if you excelled at the easy “moves”. The more you practice, the quicker you’ll reach the maximum score of 10.000 points.

Remember: hard work always pays off! Ready, set, moov!




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