The Economic Manual of dotmoovs

A guide to successfully understand the World of dotmoovs

  1. Using & Renting NFTs
  2. The Bonuses & Challenges
  3. Rollovers & Withdrawals

1. Intro

dotmoovs has recently been showing how the world of sports might be on the verge of a revolution

The emergence and rapid popularity increase of the play-to-earn platforms has shown us that we’re on the right track. In one of the latest efforts to mix together sports and blockchain, the first NFT Collection — named “The Balls” — has been launched. In fact, these utility NFTs are bringing a whole new gamification level to the app.

​​Just like in real life, you will need a ball to compete for rewards

Just like in real life, if you want to play against others you need a ball — but fear not, you don’t have to own it, you can just borrow it from someone and share the revenue if you win.

The possible revenue streams for the dotmoovs player

The user will be able to use $MOOVs to:

1. Buy NFTs

2. Using & Renting NFTs

Have you tried to juggle a ball without… the ball? Not really a great idea, is it? Well that’s exactly what we’ve brought to our universe: the need to have the appropriate gear to play the game.

How to use them?

Soon, players around the world will start using their dotmoovs’ NFTs to enter 1vs1 challenges. Just like in real life, you will need a ball — in this case from “The Balls” — to enter a competition.

How to rent them?

How are your soccer skills? Not good enough but you wish to enter some competitions anyway? Why not rent your NFTs to someone who’s good at it and share the profits? Boom! Welcome to dotmoovs’ Renting!

How to win them?

Can I win some “Balls”? Short answer: Yes! We at dotmoovs love to have you engaged and pumped about our game and that means giving you the chance to win great prizes, including NFTs!

3. The Bonuses & Challenges

We are a game, but not like the ones you know. We take you away from your screen and make you interact with the real world. You don’t use controllers or touchscreens to play — you use yourself and your physical prowess. We want players to be engaged and having fun, enjoying the perks of being active, improving their skills, facing obstacles and learning how to overcome them.

Getting rewarded for consistency

At the end of each week, the users are going to be rewarded. Most of the Weekly Bonuses are concerning the number of competing challenges played and the number of consecutive days with at least one challenge. Those Weekly Bonuses can be achieved by anyone on the app and are shown on your profile.

But that’s not all…

Consistency is king. At the end of each month, the TOP 15 Sports Miners are rewarded according to the number of competing challenges they’ve played. If needed, a tiebreaker will be applied concerning the average score per challenge and the average investment per challenge.

4. The xMOOV & Rollovers


Some time ago, even before the app was made public (Beta Version), dotmoovs started using a different naming for its token. Due to some technical, legal and financial constraints, it didn’t make sense to use the same name for the trading token inside the app and the digital asset traded in different exchanges around the world.

Rollovers & Withdrawals

You’ve earned some bonuses and now you’re eager to learn how to cash-in those $xMOOVs? Then, you came to the right place. First, let’s understand the meaning of a rollover:

Note: All amounts are in $xMOOV
Total Pot is “Your Amount+Other Player Amount-Playing Fee”
Your Investment refers to the accumulated amount

dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges