The Bonuses & Challenges. Introduction to the economics of dotmoovs [Part 3]

How dotmoovs is rewarding consistency

3 min readNov 17, 2021


The most active players should be rewarded

We are a game, but not like the ones you know. We take you away from your screen and make you interact with the real world. You don’t use controllers or touchscreens to play — you use yourself and your physical prowess. We want players to be engaged and having fun, enjoying the perks of being active, improving their skills, facing obstacles and learning how to overcome them.

We’ve introduced Sports Mining a while ago in order to compensate those who are active and committed to the game. In fact, Sports Mining is highly connected to the Bonuses being introduced in the platform.

Getting rewarded for consistency

At the end of each week, the users are going to be rewarded. Most of the Weekly Bonuses are concerning the number of competing challenges played and the number of consecutive days with at least one challenge. Those Weekly Bonuses can be achieved by anyone on the app and are shown on your profile.

We intend to introduce different challenges throughout time, so don’t be surprised if you see different incentives from one week to the next.

But that’s not all…

Consistency is king. At the end of each month, the TOP 15 Sports Miners are rewarded according to the number of competing challenges they’ve played. If needed, a tiebreaker will be applied concerning the average score per challenge and the average investment per challenge.

We intend to make dotmoovs a fun and entertaining app that brings people from all over the world together and that makes them want to stick around.

And since we’re on the topic of bringing people together, we all know that sports is a major catalyst for gatherings and live streaming — so we sure are thinking about cool stuff for the thousands of users who will want to join the app just for watching others compete.

The playing process is rather simple, and here you can see how the dotmoovs universe works:

After you download the app, you can either choose the “Competing Mode” or the “Training Mode”, both work in similar ways but the magic happens on the first one. In the competing mode, the player can use or get $MOOVs, our token, to buy or rent one of the “Balls” to compete against others.

After the challenge has been completed, if the user wins it, he either gets the whole pot or part of it (if he borrowed a NFT, he will share with the owner of the ball part of his profit).

Have you tried it yourself? Make sure you download it and make the best out of your sports moves!




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