Revealing what’s under the cloth: an unbelievable collection of unique NFTs. Introducing The Balls

Ready to enter into a new Universe with $MOOV?

Common. Rare. Legendary. You probably are familiar with the terms. You’ve seen them before. But what we’re introducing here is something that no one has ever done before.

We want to gamify sports and make it even more iconic, unique and fun by merging the Digital with Physical, creating a new future of Phygital experiences. Be one of the 1st to collect & trade The Balls, 1st Edition!

When we first started developing dotmoovs, we knew we wanted to close the gap between physical and digital; and when we proposed doing our own collection of NFTs we knew we had to combine exactly that!

Our 1st Edition includes 25+1 iconic soccer balls, with an impressive design and some crazy utility use cases for the players and the community.

Packs, launchings & rarities

Learn everything about this collection: the different packs, when and where they will be launched, how rare they are, and how YOU can put your hands on them.

Inside our 3 rarities you can find different tiers, just like in any collection.

Each Ball will have unique characteristics in its design, so you’ll be able to differentiate in rarity. For example: Commons have different patterns, Rare ones have a special glow, and Legendaries will have an incredible transparency effect with 3 different colours and a unique item inside.

The marketplace will be open for all: buy or trade these collectible NFTs. Our Drop will be divided into 3 main moments:

  • 1. First drop on our Web App
  • 2. Open Sea trading opens
  • 3. dotmoovs Marketplace (Coming Soon)

When opening any of the dotmoovs’ packs, you will find that each Ball has a unique serial number that ensures its scarcity and authenticity, verifiable on Polygon Network.

​Unlock Rewards & Special Challenges

​​It’s a unique collection of 5 different legendary balls (each from 10 to 100 units), 10 different rare balls (each from 200 to 250 units) and 10 different common balls (each with 350 units). Oh… And have we mentioned the Galaxy Ball?

This edition will never be released again. And whoever has these NFT’s will unlock special challenges and rewards in the app.

Owning different combinations of The Balls will allow you to access exclusive challenges in the future (some of them Legendaries!), access new Balls or even create your own MOOV NFT in a limited edition available just for a few users!

What combinations do you need to have to access all of this? — Well, you weren’t expecting us to reveal everything at once, were you?

Learn more about The Balls, 1st Edition here!



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dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges