Renting Sports Equipment: What’s new?

2 min readApr 18, 2023


Dotmoovs’ renting system was updated. If you’d like to know more about it, keep reading to learn what we’ve been working on these last few weeks.

When designing our sports arena, we considered distinct players’ realities. For example, those who lack the funds or don’t want to invest in digital sports gear but like to play can rent a fellow player’s equipment.

Once upon a (not so distant) time, whenever you wished to play against another player or famous athlete and didn’t own sports equipment, you were redirected to our renting market, picked your gear, and then had to choose your challenge and opponent all over again. Good news: that’s not the case anymore!

The new renting system update influences the user experience of both the sports equipment rentee and owner.

From a rentee’s perspective

Forget that sense of feeling lost when renting a pair of sneakers or a football mid-challenge selection. We’ve tweaked the player’s experience so they can choose their equipment without leaving the challenge selection flow.

Also, before, equipment rentees didn’t support the cost of using another athlete’s gear and returned it to its rightful owner without restoring it. Now, when using another player’s equipment, it’s up to the rentees to cover the challenge’s cost, i.e., pay for the number of lives it costs to play a given challenge in competitive mode.

Remember: the more you use dotmoovs’ sports equipment, the quicker they will run out of lives. To keep playing, you must restore the sports gear by paying 10 XMOOVs per life.

The sports equipment owner’s point of view

Whenever a rentee wins a challenge, sports equipment owners continue to receive the profit share they set before renting out their gear. What’s changed is that they no longer have to worry about restoring equipment others have used, as rentees support the gear’s recharging costs. This means that when the equipment returns to its owner, it does so with the same amount of lives it had before being put up for rent.

Doing the math

Imagine the challenge’s winning prize is 15 XMOOVs, and the renting share associated with the used sports equipment is 20–80 (20% for the rentee and 80% for the owner). The renter gets 10 XMOOVs + 20% of the remaining 5 XMOOVs, while the owner receives 80% of 5 XMOOVs. The amount of XMOOVs split between the rentee and owner is driven by the challenge’s XMOOV profit and not the entire challenge reward. In other words, the renter is guaranteed to receive the value of the life spent in playing that challenge, and the remaining XMOOV prize is split with the equipment’s owner, according to the previously set renting share.




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