Our app has changed (a lot). A quick recap on the latest improvements

It’s raining updates

The month of February has been full of updates. Some visible, some not.

We started off with a New AI update, where a high precision on touch and body parts detection was delivered, impacting all games but specially the Legendary Challenges user experience.

Just a couple of days later, we released what has been one of the most significant changes to the app’s look & feel: the Feed. You can now see what others are doing, like their videos and count views. This was dotmoovs’ first step towards being the leading sports social app.

An important next move was introduced by the partnership with Moonpay. By integrating with them, we allowed our users to deposit on our app directly with any fiat currency (USD, EUR, etc), increasing the choices to manage your wallet within the dotmoovs world.

On an effort to make our message simpler and broader, we studied the introduction of new colours, catchphrases and videos. That led us to a new website — more focused on the sports and the app that we can now present to the World. Our mission has always been connected to fun, health and sports, so it would just make sense that the brand would also represent that.

We slowly started to divert from our monotonous black to become more aligned with our users’ spirit: colourful and fun. New improvements can be expected throughout the next months.

Expected was also our chat — which would bring the possibility of increasing the engagement among users. While some of the pre recorded messages we had were nice, nothing beats a true conversation. And that’s what we’ve introduced: the possibility to chat with your app connections, exchange opinions and challenge others in a more personal way.

For that and much more, stay tuned! We have much more to come. Be part of our World!



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dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges