NFTs have been upgraded. Take these small steps to update yours!

First things first

You might have noticed that your NFTs weren’t being shown in-app. The reason was because we were updating our system in order to accommodate the latest changes.

Like we’ve announced before, our NFT collections will be used during the games in-app — so it’s time to update the ones you already own with just some simple steps.

So, in order to have your NFTs in the app you will need to get the new version of them, with lives. You can update the ones you have now, just look for the wrap button.


There are two different ways of updating your NFTs, after which, you will be able to fully use them in our games:

  1. Login! Go to and login with your account details;
  2. Wrap it! Go to your collection of NFTs and on each Ball you’ll be able to see the button “Wrap”. Click on it;
  3. Enter Quantity! Enter the quantity you want to update — this is, if you have more than 1 of the same NFTs (per example 3 Green Balls or 2 Dollar Balls), you can update them at the same time by entering the correct “Quantity”
  4. Confirm Transaction! After entering the quantity, your wallet should open and ask you to confirm the transaction. After confirming the transaction, you’re done and with an updated Ball!

Note that you can edit the suggested gas fee, which we have done on both our videos.

There you have it!

They’re shown again in-app. Now, it’s time to play!



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