NFT Sports Equipment: Blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds

3 min readJul 12, 2022


Learn all you can do (right now) with NFT Sports Equipment in the dotmoovs app.

You can buy and rent dotmoovs’ NFT Sports Equipment, but you should really use it to MOOV!

The principle

No matter the sport, there’s always some type of equipment required to play the game, either player-specific paraphernalia (like uniforms or sneakers) or game-related equipment (such as balls or skates). The truth is that access to the proper sports gear gives players the correct set of tools to help them play the game.

The same principle applies to the dotmoovs’ metaverse. Considering the sports released in the app so far, i.e., freestyle football and dance, we created NFT-based soccer balls and dance sneakers (MOOVCLUB Sneakers). If doubts remain, the balls are to be used when you feel like juggling a ball, while the sneakers are for you to MOOV to the beat in style.

But what exactly can you do with NFTs? The NFT Sports Equipment grants exclusive access to dotmoovs’ Move-2-Earn mode. This means players can enter peer-2-peer, weekly and legendary challenges, allowing them the chance to win XMOOVs.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question

Whether you buy an NFT or not, the decision is yours! You can buy an NFT from our marketplace if you’re interested in football or at if dancing or shoes are more your thing. To buy the sneakers and the balls v2, our most recent ball collection, you’ll need either ETH or $MOOVs.

One of the perks of purchasing an NFT is that you may add to your investment by putting it up for rental when you don’t feel like MOOVing.

Forget what others say, renting also has its benefits

If you don’t have the funds to buy an NFT, you can always rent one from another user (in the mobile or web apps). No funny business here, renting can benefit both the lender and the borrower.

This is how it works in peer-2-peer challenges: you first place your wager. The percentage the borrower and the lender get from that wager is decided by the NFT lender (no worries, you’ll always know your cut upfront) and given to the renter and rentee upon the rentee’s challenge victory. For legendary or weekly challenges, it’s a bit different: players have to pay an entry fee, and dotmoovs sets the challenge’s victory XMOOV reward. Should the rentee win the challenge, the entry fee is reimbursed, and the XMOOV reward is split with the NFT lender based on the gear’s set revenue share.

When it comes to renting, it’s a win-win situation: borrowers get access to challenges they otherwise wouldn’t, and the NFT’s owner profits from allowing the borrower to play (and win).

Play with an exclusive NFT Sports Equipment

You can use the balls v2 to play freestyle football and the sneakers to dance. In the game, the NFT acts as the skin of your (real) ball/shoes. If you still have an “old version” of one of our NFT balls (i.e., part of the “Balls” collection), you can trade it (we call it “wrap it”) for the v2 since the “old version” lacks utility, meaning it won’t mask your (real) ball.

Beware that, like in any sports (i.e., in “real-life”), the NFT has a set number of lives: the more you use your sports equipment, the quicker it will wear out. FYI: NFTs lose one life per challenge. Furthermore, the number of lives per NFT Sports Equipment depends on its rarity: Common NFTs have 5, Rare NFTs have 10, and Legendary NFTs have 15 lives. So, after playing a few challenges, you’ll run out of lives and will need to restore the NFT by paying a symbolic XMOOV-based fee: one life costs 2.5 XMOOVs, while a pack of lives — which is any number above one and up to the set maximum lives of the NFT — goes for 10 XMOOVs.

This is where we are concerning dotmoovs’ NFTs, but there’s a LOT MORE to come! We promise to let you know when we have news. Until then, keep on MOOVing! 👟




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