New year, new opportunities, new challenges

3 min readJan 5, 2023

Want to know more about dotmoovs’ plans for the future? Read on to find dotmoovs’ roadmap for 2023.

We’re pleased to post our 2023 roadmap. What a year 2022 was for dotmoovs! If you missed our recap, watch it here. The market conditions haven’t affected our trajectory, and 2023 will be THE year of dotmoovs.

Without further ado, here’s the roadmap for 2023:

Q1/ 2023

The new year’s #1 resolution for dotmoovs is user acquisition. To accomplish such a goal, we’ve planned our user acquisition strategy and will launch audience-specific ad campaigns in the first quarter. Alongside our marketing efforts, the team will also be actively recruiting content creators (a.k.a. dotmoovers) so that whenever you open the dotmoovs app for that extra energy boost, you find more sports challenges.

Those excited about sports and who can do a few moves have the chance to have their own choreographies or juggle sets being mimicked by thousands across the globe. Our sports arena is a fair and trusted space for people to express themselves through sports and earn from it. Want to monetize your own skills? Reach out to us, and you’ll be earning in no time.

We plan to update the mobile app’s look and feel by turning it into an easy-to-navigate and fun-looking interface. Improving the dance-scoring algorithm, allowing you to have an even more accurate assessment of your movements, is also in the works.


Speaking of dotmoovers, we are preparing to implement a new and automated way of recruiting dotmoovers into our digital sports arena, making their (and our) lives easier. This will speed up recruitment logistics, meaning that whoever is interested in having their dance or football challenge within the dotmoovs app will be able to send us their application through our app or website. This is a big deal since it will enable us to add new content to the app more regularly and boost user growth, and it may well happen sooner rather than later, mark our words.

Q2 will also be an important milestone for us, as we plan to launch the beta version of a new sport. Any guesses on what that might be? If you’re an attentive MOOVer, you must have heard/read our COO and CEO’s hints on it in previous AMAs.


Studies have shown that Gen Z-ers and millennials use ad blockers, swipe down, or totally skip ads. In an age where technology allows us to keep connected while physically apart, dotmoovs will work with brands and produce their first automated immersive ad mechanisms. We can’t name any names, but who knows, maybe your favorite sports brand will soon be part of the dotmoovs metaverse.

The dotmoovs experience goes far beyond a digital screen. Yup, you can read that again. For Q3, we also plan to produce dotmoovs merchandise and experience rewards.


Technology has changed people’s relationship with sports, decreasing the (physical) distance between sports enthusiasts, fans, and professional athletes. We want to finish the year with a bang by launching the first worldwide phygital (i.e., physical + digital) tournament! To top it off, just a new batch of branded sports equipment.

As with every journey, we know that we can’t predict everything, and course adjustments are likely to be necessary somewhere along the upcoming 361 days. All we can say is that we’re prepared to tackle the challenges that come our way and can only hope you keep MOOVing with us and enjoy the ride. Happy New Year!! 🎉




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