MVP is now LIVE

3 min readJun 28, 2021



The first worldwide crypto freestyle football challenge is live! Our AI-based referee is already working. Be part of our journey.

We’re taking the next step in the evolution of this project, bringing our vision to a much broader audience. The MVP launch will also usher in a new interactive option for users and enthusiasts of freestyle football. We’re now one step closer to revamping the concept of competitive freestyle football, leveraging competitive sports on the platform and having footage analyzed by artificial intelligence that creates an unbiased system where everyone can showcase their skills and earn rewards.

The winner of every one-on-one freestyle football contest will earn MOOV tokens or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Thus, winners will always be incentivized to take on more significant challenges, whereas the other party will have a chance to improve their skills and challenge anyone else in the world. With the help of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, enthusiasts worldwide can compete against one another without leaving their location.

We believe the world of freestyle football is on the cusp of a revolution.

Launching our MVP

Initially scheduled for the Q3 of 2021, dotmoovs is launching its MVP before the end of Q2 2021; the early release is due to the astonishingly positive results in terms of development.

The MVP allows users to upload videos of themselves juggling a soccer ball. All the footage will be gathered and evaluated by the native AI solution. As part of its analysis, the artificial intelligence will analyze the number of juggles and subtract any penalized moves, like hand touches.

Users will receive their score shortly after submitting the video, as well as a thorough analysis of their performance. It is a great way to help enthusiasts grow their skills and an incentive for those who perform well to figure out where their growth margin is located. In addition, those who successfully juggle the ball a higher number of times will gain exclusive benefits.

We count on your feedback. This is the first test of our system and we’re counting on you to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong. Please forgive us if any mistakes happen, but that’s exactly what a MVP is for — testing, testing, and more testing!

Access to benefits

Yes, we made a challenge out of it before allowing you to earn! But fear not, it’s a simple one. Submit a video of you juggling a soccer ball with your feet, and our AI-based referee will analyse it and provide you with a score for your performance, as well as your position in our leaderboard. Our scoring system for this challenge is the number of ball juggles minus the number of penalties (hand or floor touches). Players that achieve a score of 3 or higher will have access toexclusive benefits — don’t give up, we know you can do it ;)


Note that the same amount that will be distributed as rewards to every and each user will get the same corresponding amount assets burnt. You will create a 2-way impact:

  • For you: by increasing the number of digital assets you will hold
  • For the overall community: by decreasing the circulating supply of digital assets

This mechanism allows your assets to multiply themselves. The basic idea is quite simple: you lock some of your assets and don’t sell them for a period of time. You can’t use them, and no one else can either. This diminishes the amount that is running around the market.

You know what happens to something when it’s more scarce, right? It’s the basics of economics.

Note that your email address will only be used for us to contact you about this challenge and our app. Your nickname will be seen by other dotmoovs’ players and shown in the ranking dashboard.





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