Move-to-Earn. How has dotmoovs become one of its founders?


Not long ago, Move-to-Earn (or simply Move2Earn) was an unfamiliar concept. Now, thanks to companies in the crypto space, it has become trendy and seen with great excitement by the communities.

The concept started to take shape earlier in 2021, around the same time dotmoovs was seeing the light of day. The name of the project, dotmoovs, actually gave a hint of where it was heading — “dot” as in a project that focuses on digital and on technology with its AI platform; and “moovs” as in a project that makes you move, focused on people’s passion to sports and healthy competition.

TOP Move To Earn projects

Growth and hard work

Just a couple of weeks ago, on April fools day, our token ($MOOV) became one of the top-performing Metaverse crypto coins, primarily because of the announcement of its upcoming Dance competitions to launch later this month and because of some new challenges, like the Maradona Legendary Challenge.

With a current market cap of +$20 million and rising, and the update of our new sport coming around International Dance Day on April 29th, dotmoovs is certainly on the right path.

MOOV Token

dotmoovs game economy

Incentives & Rewards

We want our Moovers to feel rewarded! So, we’ll be launching a new set of incentives to those who play hard on our app. Soon, the ones who play the challenges and who keep the consistency and the recurrency while playing will see even bigger prizes and rewards.

For those, and many other reasons, keep mooving!



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dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges