It’s our #WeeklyRecap and this time we bring you Tournaments, Axie Infinity & some hidden news

You read “hidden” and you had to know what was that about. Well search no more, it’s here, on the first paragraph

Our app is coming. That’s right, our app is coming and everyone holding $MOOVs will have an upper hand when the time comes. Hey, but you didn’t hear that from us…

If you’ve been paying attention to our latest news, you know that the moment is closing in. Rather sooner than later, the app will be released and some of our aficionados will be entitled an exclusive access to see it all first.

But, more on that later.

Now it’s time to recap!

At dotmoovs there will be the opportunity to see variations of tournaments: Knockout tournaments, Group tournaments or Multi-stage tournaments will soon be a part of dotmoovs’ reality.

And we didn’t forget the rewards: from $MOOV, badges, NFTs and other assets, the more you win the more possibilities of getting rare and unique rewards you have.

The truth is, the possibilities are endless and the way we’re gamifying sports intends to be fun and addictively healthy. Make sure you start practising on!

Time to hear your opinion or doubts about dotmoovs, so spill it out and join us next Monday, 12h00 GMT, on our AMA @ with Pedro Rente Lourenço and Salomé Azevedo, our two founders.

Some questions will be pre-selected, so don’t miss the chance to write yours here.

We don’t always like comparisons. But this time, Mashable did the favour of comparing us with this great game by saying that

“dotmoovs could potentially become the Axie Infinity of sports gamification. What Axie Infinity did for gamers, dotmoovs is doing for sports lovers by closing the gap between them and blockchain & crypto enthusiasts”

We sure believe in that and we’re working hard to make blockchain and crypto more accessible to the world.

If you’re fluent in Dutch or know how to use an automatic translation tool, you can read the full article here.

And we couldn’t finish without talking about the performance paradox, how youngsters are getting injured more often and how dotmoovs can actually help saving the day.

That’s right, we discussed all that on this week’s knowledge article.

What our technology does is perfectly track the movement of what it “sees” on a video. The AI can analyse movement, and perfectly interpret what every part of the users body is doing. We have programmed it for a simple task right now, because this is only at an alpha stage of development: it’s evaluating how good people are at performing football tricks.

Working in tandem with doctors, sports scientists, and anyone who fully understands the mechanics of repetitive motions, and their consequences for the bodies of young athletes, AI can track what players do during matches and practices and figure out what movements they are doing that are putting excessive pressure on specific spots.

But read all about this here!