Introducing the Referral Program. Earn by having your friends on dotmoovs

Growing the user base

Like any other app, dotmoovs wants to grow its user base and show its technology to the world. We know that the word-of-mouth is a difficult strategy, but we believe that it’s a great way to validate the platform and bring engaged users to it. Obviously that we want to compensate the ones who share the excitement about dotmoovs with their friends, so we created the Referral Program.

First, get to know the basics:

🔐 The referral code

The referral code (or referral tracking code) is a unique combination of numbers and/or letters used to identify the participants.

😎 The referral user:

The user that is going to share the dotmoovs referral code.

🧐 The referred user:

The user that is going to use the dotmoovs referral code to register in the dotmoovs mobile app.

🏗 How it works

The referral code is assigned to all users as soon as they register on the dotmoovs mobile app.

This unique referral code automatically distributes any existing program rewards to the user and to the referral (the referred user).

The code can be accessed by the users on their profile tab on the mobile app.

All users can share the referral code with as many users as they want, but a referred user can only use the referral code once and upon registration on dotmoovs’ mobile app.

Mechanics for general referral codes

The user (the referral) shares its referral code with the referred user;

For each referred user with whom the referral code has been shared, the referral wins a certain amount of $xMOOVs if:

- The referred user downloaded the app and registered an account;

- The referred user invests in peer-2-peer challenges and/or legendary challenges at least 10 times the amount given to the referral user.

Note that the set of conditions in this article might change over time without notice, so if you need more information on how the referral codes work, you should consider asking our team on Telegram.

Want to start sharing?

1. Register on dotmoovs (download on the App Store or Play Store)

2. Go to your Profile

3. Click on the Referral Icon

4. Bring Friends & Win



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