Introducing dotmoovsa sports revolution fueled by a Blockchain and NFT powered platform

How can athletes keep playing the sports they love while investing in themselves?

Competition is a driving force for personal evolution and the advancement of skills in sport. Still, as anyone who practices sports knows, there are minimal options to monetise that time and talent, even if they’re good at it. To be fair, playing sports became mostly associated with investing money rather than earning it as a result of performance. However, we cannot blame athletes for investing or seeking investment. It often demands training, purchasing equipment, renting venues, paying for monthly subscriptions, and travel costs, etc. There is a long and expensive path to make sports sustainable for professional and amateur athletes, driving them to quit or evolving slowly.

But before addressing the monetisation of sports, we need to take a step back and understand the main challenges limiting competition. As it’s easy to understand, the biggest is physical and geographic limitations. In many sports, the game’s physical separation and intrinsic characteristics make it simply impractical for players to engage with each other and compete.

How can two soccer freestylers compete with each other? What if they are playing in different parts of the world? How can two dancers challenge each other and know who performed better?

With this challenge, a second one arises: if there is a physical separation, how can we assess the skill of each opponent accurately and adequately? Current methods for measuring players’ performance rely on outdated approaches or simply do not exist. There is no simple, global way to track a player’s skill objectively in many games.

Advanced Computer Vision algorithms, Blockchain and a powerful Arbitration Engine are the answer

dotmoovs is designed to challenge these issues — physical and geographic limitations, assessment of skill and finally monetisation. Our vision is to build a powerful sports platform where everyone can challenge their friends or any other similar skilled players in the World for a challenge in their favourite sport.

Starting with an arbitration engine that uses a two-step algorithm to detect the human body and its various limbs’ positions, followed by a scoring algorithm to measure the player’s skill. The peer-to-peer challenges will allow anyone to monetise time training through cryptocurrencies and NFTs with open market dynamics.

Bet on your performance with $MOOV tokens and liquid cryptocurrencies, win the match and collect the stakes. By staking $MOOV you can level up to unlock higher leagues with higher stakes.

By using blockchain, dotmoovs will allow skill monetisation through digital currencies and assets with open market dynamics, giving athletes and players a superior sense of ownership and control, with democratised access regardless of the country and currency the player uses. We will create new revenue streams by allowing sports lovers to earn with their winnings; earn crypto rewards for their engagement; and earn NFTs with their progress such as trophies and collectibles they own and are able to trade or monetise.

Anti cheat

Real competition needs to ensure fairness. That’s why dotmoovs is developing a secure platform with fraud detection algorithms, allowing access to the winning party’s videos for complete confidence in the results. Also, our AI-driven arbitration of skill, will provide an unbiased look at the performance on any supported sport to assess confidently and accurately each player.

Why now?

Artificial Intelligence has developed to a never before seen state, where we can leverage existing technology and algorithms to solve new problems; our smartphones have incredible cameras and are now being equipped with LiDAR sensors as well, which allows understanding of depth (for future development); and Computer Vision have recently made it possible to very accurately detect human bodies and their positioning.

Competing remotely has never been more of a need. COVID-19 has stopped a number of competitions and people are already engaging and competing with other athletes through videos sent on Whatsapp. The current pandemic augmented the need for people to challenge others at distance through digital-enabled products.

Who are we and why are we doing this? Our first steps in building a community

It’s simple: we love sports. And we have practiced a number of different modalities, but never at a professional level. But that does not mean we don’t love to challenge ourselves and improve our skills. And after many heated discussions over who won a match or who had the best technique, we decided to create an unbiased, automated app that would do that for us — and put an end to our arguments.

We are working together with world-renowned athletes — our ambassadors — amateur athletes and sports-enthusiasts to ensure we will be able to deliver a product suitable for everyone. We want to create a fair ecosystem where everyone will be able to create communities, organise and run matches, tournaments or leagues and craft unique NFTs to expand the sports experience with access to a number of opportunities to bootstrap their environments across multiple blockchains.

We want to bring together athletes and players, professionals and amateurs.

We want to push boundaries, defy limits, break records. We want people to be able to have fun and earn money while doing what they love the most. We want to give our athletes the control over their favourite sports.

Join dotmoovs in creating the next generation of sports.

Sale details and the full roadmap are going to be released soon, so join the conversation on our Telegram.

Let’s MOOV!



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dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges