How to play on dotmoovs? It’s easy as ABC

Grab your phone, choose your gear and start moving!

3 min readJun 17, 2022

Playing with Sports Gears aka NFTs

Getting familiar with a new app is not always easy. At dotmoovs, we are constantly trying to improve our usability, but playing couldn’t be easier!

Download and make your registration. That’s the hardest part! Now, let’s have some fun!

Going step-by-step

After you got yourself familiar with your “Feed View” and saw your friends and other moovers around the world playing on dotmoovs, it’s time to play. You can switch between sports easily on our “Sport Selector” and compete in the one you like the most.

Get familiar with your “Feed View”; find the sport selector; and choose your favourite sport

Our central button takes you to the best challenges, where you can battle against anyone in a random match. On the left-side of our “MOOV” button, you can find our “P2P” button, where you can challenge your friends!

Time to use your $MOOVs!

Find the best challenge and compete with others!

After finding a random match, you can choose how many $MOOVs you want to invest. You’re investing in yourself — and if you win the battle — you collect your opponent’s $MOOVs. But if you lose, they will take yours!

Don’t forget to practise a bit before using your $MOOVs!

When dancing, you can choose your favourite choreography. We will be updating the dance routines frequently, so keep an eye on the newest additions on the app.

Use your $MOOVs and get ready to play!

To “Dance” you just need to mimic the choreography you see our “Teacher” showing. The better you are making the same moves, the higher your score.

Mimic the choreography to score and win!

Practise, improve and win! Have a better score than your opponent doing the same the dance routine and take home the victory!

A note about NFTs and how they play an important role in your game

Once you’re in the app, and after you have chosen the sport you love, it’s time to choose an NFT — a gear for you to play!

There, you either buy or rent! You can play once you have one of our NFTs. Each sport has a limited number of available items, so if you can’t buy a new one, you will be able to rent from another user and share the profits or go to our marketplace and acquire it from another user.

Each package contains one NFT. Just choose your level of rarity and be surprised with your random collectible. Then, and like Corinne Bailey Rae would say: put your NFT on, tell me your favourite sport, you go ahead, let your hair down (…) you’re gonna find an opponent somewhere on dotmoovs. Well, the lyrics to “Put Your Records On” weren’t exactly like this, but you get the idea.

It’s time to mimic your favourite dance, do your best football tricks or rent your NFT to another player. Above all, maximize your profits!




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