How dotmoovs stands out in the Move & Earn hype

3 min readSep 1, 2022


Move & Earn explained

Move & Earn is a relatively new concept derived from the Move-to-Earn business model. Albeit focusing both on incentivizing people to get off the couch and move, the motivation behind them is different. In Move & Earn, engaging in physical activity is a joy and not looked at as a chore or a means to fill one’s pockets. The idea is simple: people have fun moving around, either that being walking or doing a more structured exercise like dancing, with the bonus of earning while they’re at it. If doubts remain, dotmoovs is a Move & Earn app.

If you’re wondering how your activity is converted into rewards, the answer is tech! Movement-related games exploit smartphones’ built-in technology to monitor players’ motion. For instance, GenoPets and Sweatcoin track users’ steps, STEPN uses GPS, and dotmoovs uses the smartphone’s camera.

Standing out from the crowd

Although several platforms are riding the Move & Earn trend, they’re not all the same. Our project goes beyond most competitors’ walking/running approach, urging people to move purposefully and carry out specific exercises instead.

dotmoovs was developed with every sports enthusiast in mind. Players (a.k.a. MOOVers) can download the app for free, explore its feed, and learn the kind of movements that are expected. There’s no initial investment required. People can practice their football juggles or dance moves up to 3 times a day.

Tapping into humans’ natural competitive spirit, through dotmoovs, a MOOVer can directly challenge another player inside the app. Our artificial intelligence algorithm determines who has the best performance, and the winner takes the challenge’s reward. This kind of 1:1 competition is inserted into the app’s competing mode, for which players need to rent or buy an NFT Sports Equipment to play the game.

Leveling the playing field

To encourage competition in our sports arena in a way free from fiat currency value constraints, dotmoovs players’ physical activity is rewarded in $MOOVs (our token). The latter can be used to buy NFT Sports Equipment and restore the sports gear’s lives. The “life” concept is well-known in the video game community and is often related to human-like avatars or the games’ characters. However, in the context of dotmoovs, “lives” refer to the finite number of times an NFT can be used in the game, with the number of NFT lives necessary to enter a challenge varying with the challenge’s complexity. Soon, and with the game economy 2.0 full launch, NFT Sports Equipment attributes will be associated with different volume rewards.

There are no game-overs. MOOVers are more than welcome to try again, playing solo or challenging whoever they’d like, and move whenever and wherever they want. But, as we all know, meaningful improvement takes deliberate practice, and at dotmoovs, one’s progress will surely make one earn $MOOVs while having fun.

For the ambitious kind, $MOOVs rewards can be increased if they save and “lock up” their crypto funds for a limited time, earning them additional tokens. This process is called staking.

In conclusion, Move-to-Earn’s popularity boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic because of “a few” individuals’ willingness to stay active while confined. There’s no doubt the pandemic was a true game-changer in sports. Since the paradigm has already shifted into Move & Earn, we might as well take advantage of it and triple-earn (joy, health, and rewards) while we’re MOOVing.




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