dotmoovs takes center stage in Blockchain Revolution

2 min readNov 9, 2023

In the fast-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Portugal is setting the stage for a groundbreaking transformation with its Decentralize Portugal with Blockchain Agenda, and dotmoovs is part of it.

What is the Decentralize Portugal with Blockchain Agenda?

Spearheaded by VOID Software, this Portuguese initiative aims to harness the power of blockchain, positioning Portugal as a European leader in technological innovation. The agenda brings together 56 organizations (24 companies, 15 ENESII, 2 Associations, 5 public entities, and 10 associated partners), organized into 6 vertical work packages (Agriculture and Agro-Food; Health; Sustainable and Smart Territories; Sports, Leisure and Culture; New Knowledge Economy; Digital Asset Management) and 4 horizontal work packages (Management; Training; Innovation and Dissemination; Interoperability). With an impressive investment exceeding 44 million euros, this collaborative effort seeks to propel Portugal into a more digital, green, and resilient future. The results are tangible, as 26 innovative products with high export and scalability potential are set to be launched.

What does this mean for dotmoovs?

Among the chosen startups is dotmoovs, recognized for its high-value project and identified as a perfect blockchain use case in the sports sector. The Portuguese Government has provided a financial boost of over 1 million euros to propel us to the forefront of blockchain technology.

Our focus lies in further developing our mobile app, validating it in different markets, and expanding our team. Our roadmap also includes strategic marketing campaigns and public relations efforts. By growing our community and raising awareness about our product and token, we aim to solidify our position as a pioneer in the intersection of sports and blockchain. This strategic investment aligns with the broader agenda’s mission to drive innovation and tap into global business opportunities facilitated by blockchain technology.

In conclusion, the “Decentralize Portugal with Blockchain” Agenda serves as a catalyst for technological advancement, with dotmoovs as a shining example of how strategic investments and collaborations can propel a startup to new heights.




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