dotmoovs is locking $MOOV liquidity

We believe in decentralisation

Intermediaries drain the lifeblood from projects, and they make everything slower and less effective for no real reason. If we are going to be working with as few intermediaries as possible, however, we must ensure that our users and patrons trust us and believe in our project.

The absence of oversight and the openness of the crypto environment, which we all should enjoying to create greatness, is sometimes appropriated by bad actors who are in this to scam the community and run away. This is despicable.

Liquidity is essential for DeFi

To have a decentralised exchange (DEX), you need liquidity. Centralised exchanges can provide it themselves, surely, but if you don’t want to leave that up to them, you still need to ensure that it comes from somewhere.

Liquidity providers make the tokens available to be exchanged immediately without delays or hiccups. Simple enough.

The problem is when something called rug pulling happens. That’s when developers wait for sufficient people to exchange their currency for whatever brand new token they are promoting and then empty the liquidity pool, effectively zeroing the coin and running away with the profits. This is a vile act, and by all means a scam.

Liquidity locking ensures trust

By locking 122.000$USD of our liquidity in the pool, everyone will know dotmoovs is serious and has no intention of engaging in any sort of foul play. Full transparency. Every user, holder and investor will know exactly when and how we can touch that liquidity, and, more importantly, when and how we can’t. While Locked Liquidity is not very common on publicly known companies backed by venture capitals, dotmoovs is happy to do it in order to increase community trust.

This will ensure there will be no change in the liquidity pool for $MOOV on Decentralized Exchanges, adding to the already foolproof security on dotmoovs.

UniCrypt Liquidity Locker is helping us do it

The Unicrypt liquidity locking service is used fairly widely when it comes to DeFi projects. It’s as close to an industry standard as we can have in crypto, which is still a very young marketplace.

We are doing it because you asked for it

Our community means everything to us. We operate based on transparency, and we are always listening. dotmoovs belongs to all of us.

We are also providing more liquidity with a bigger flexibility between Uniswap and Pancakeswap to ensure two healthy markets

Since we’ve finished our successful sales and listed on Decentralized Exchanges such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap, this has been widely discussed among our community, on social media and elsewhere. We have evaluated this decision, we have measured all the advantages it brings and any hindrances it might entail, and we have decided where our priorities lie: with you, our community.

Let’s MOOV together!



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dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges