dotmoovs is donating 50% of its first massive NFT lottery to UNICEF

Sports are about community. They are about culture, and sharing, and being there for your own.

This is why dotmoovs has decided to make an unprecedented move: exactly half of the proceeds for its first major NFT drawing are going to be donated to UNICEF NZ.

The Quaresma NFTs are coming + 20 000 $MOOV of Monetary Rewards

This is a historic moment for dotmoovs. With the first legendary NFT already out there, it’s time to bring these incredible digital objects to more of our community. We are creating five (yes, you read that right, FIVE) brand new, exclusive, NFTs.

The lottery will be open to all

The rules couldn’t be simpler. Anyone can participate, and the winning tickets will be picked randomly by foolproof software.

Help us help the world

Half of every penny we make during this drawing goes straight to UNICEF NZ. We believe in the power of sports and crypto to make a difference together. These are two worlds full of young, vibrant, intense people who we know do the right things.