dotmoovs 2.0: What’s your player type?

3 min readOct 3, 2022


This article has been updated on November 21th, 2022. As suggested by our community, we changed the Veteran label of a player’s profile to Legend!

Not all people are the same. In our metaverse, four types can label a player’s profile: Rookie, Pro, Sports Miner, and Legend. These indicate the type of athlete and their level of crypto-related expertise. Curious? Find out the meaning behind the little tag on your brand-new player card.


As the name suggests, a rookie athlete just wants to play sports and have fun. Rookies may also not know anything about crypto, and that’s totally fine. If you’re one of such players, fear not and get on the Move-to-Earn train with our help, as the dotmoovs is designed to include all kinds of athletes.

The first time a MOOVer joins our sports arena, they can start playing immediately. Once they validate their e-mail address, 50 XMOOVs (i.e., our in-app currency) will be automatically added to the Rookie’s in-app wallet. But, pssst… want to know a little secret? These XMOOVs can be converted into $MOOVs once the Rookie becomes a Pro.


A Pro player understands a bit about crypto and, as such, has their own crypto wallet and owns at least one NFT sports gear. Following the NFT sports equipment purchase, 100 XMOOVs are deposited into the player’s in-app wallet, and their profile and player card are updated to include the tag “Pro”. NFT sports gear grants access to dotmoovs’ Move-To-Earn mode, where besides winning the challenge, players also have the chance to win XMOOVs.

Sports Miner

In all things crypto, often the term “staking” arises. Staking is a way of earning passive crypto income. But how does this work with digital assets? Simply put, staking is “locking up” part of your cryptocurrency holdings for a set period of time.

Sports Miners understand the benefits of staking $MOOVs. In doing so, they’re contributing to the dotmoovs blockchain network, and because “one good deed deserves another”, staking $MOOVs grants Sports Miners additional rewards when they play in the dotmoovs sports arena. To start staking $MOOVs, players need to connect their personal crypto wallet with their dotmoovs account and load the wallet with the $MOOV amount according to the staking tier of their choice. Once a player’s profile is updated to “Sports Miner”, they automatically get 100 XMOOVs into their in-app wallet. To convert their in-app XMOOV balance into $MOOVs or to withdraw their staking rewards, Sports Miners must complete a staking period of 30 days.


The Legend player has the best of both worlds! With an intricate knowledge of the crypto world, they not only stake $MOOVs but also own NFT sports gear. Like Sports Miners, Legends can convert their XMOOVs into $MOOVs or withdraw their staking rewards after completing the 30-day staking period and restoring their sports gear.

More than a label, player types are for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and our community, in general, to know that dotmoovs values consistency and progress. Such evolution is bound to be rewarded in our sports arena. So, show off that player card of yours and keep on MOOVing!




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