dotmoovs 2.0: Breaking down NFT Sports Equipment

4 min readNov 10, 2022

This article has been updated on November 23rd, 2022 to account for the introduction of Peer-2-Peer challenges-related rewards.

Some believe that online games transport players to an alternate reality without an actual link to the gamers’ real life. If you’re one of those people or know someone like this, please let them know they’ve got a LOT to catch up on. While several web3 platforms lead people to enter a virtual universe, the dotmoovs sports arena meets people in their real lives. You must put in the work purposefully (not just using your fingertips) and give the best you’ve got to earn the highest rewards. One thing is guaranteed: you’re bound to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Having the right sports gear is a must

When it comes to sports, the game can’t be played successfully without the appropriate equipment. Likewise, dotmoovs players have access to sport-specific gear — soccer balls for freestyle football and sneakers for dancing. This equipment is in the form of an NFT (i.e., non-fungible token), a digital (and colorful) representation of real-life paraphernalia that, in our case, is sports-related, as are balls and sneakers.

Looking beyond the visuals

Like everything in life, durability and quality go hand-in-hand, meaning high-quality sports gear takes longer to wear out. Generally speaking, our sports equipment is divided into three categories: Common, Rare, and Legendary. Each of these categories has a set total number of NFTs and is paired with its corresponding maximum usage, a concept most gamers know as “lives”. The number of lives of an NFT refers to the number of times players can use that sports gear in challenges.

How many lives the NFT will lose after the challenge’s completion (i.e., NFT wear-out rate) depends on the difficulty of the challenge in which the player wants to enter. As in more physically demanding sports, athletes’ equipment tends to wear out quicker. At dotmoovs, that also happens as the higher a challenge’s complexity, the more lives it will take out of the NFT sports gear.

Another important NFT characteristic is the existence of levels within the Common, Rare, and Legendary categories. There are 20 levels in total, distributed by the three NFT categories. A high-level NFT has a higher number of lives, wears out slower than a lower-level sports gear, and maximizes the player’s movement-dependent rewards. The good news is that every sports enthusiast can level up their equipment, boosting their in-game performance.

Doing the math

The cost of NFT sports equipment depends on whether the player buys or rents it from another athlete. The purchase price varies with the gear’s quality, but once the player owns an NFT, they can use it to play in every dotmoovs challenge.

If one does not have enough funds to buy an NFT, NFT renting is the way to go. This is how it works: the NFT renting percentage is proposed by the sports gear’s owner, and the rentee shares the profit of the challenges’ rewards with the NFT owner instead of paying a fixed fee upfront.

The question is: how much can a player get from winning a challenge? Well, it depends on the type of challenge, the NFT’s level, and whether they own or rent the equipment. Put simply, higher-level NFTs offer bigger rewards.

In single-player mode, like Legendary challenges, the reward amount is influenced by the challenge’s difficulty and the NFT level. In peer-2-peer competition, the math is simpler, and there’s a set reward for the winning players depending on the equipment level they used. The image below shows the xMOOV-based rewards according to the NFT level (for simplicity purposes, the values presented are for those who bought an NFT and use it to play).

Peer-2-Peer Challenges: XMOOV-based rewards according to the NFT sports gear level.
Peer-2-Peer Challenges: XMOOV-based rewards according to the NFT sports gear level.

We’ve previously mentioned that NFTs have lives, but the game doesn’t end when the sports gear runs out of lives. The equipment can be restored by paying 10 xMOOVs per life.

In short, you don’t have to be a pro to experience the thrill of playing your favorite sport and improving your skills. Still, we’re sure you can appreciate the effect that high-quality sports gear can have on one’s performance. Thus, by investing in proper equipment (and MOOVing often, of course), you’re helping yourself stay ahead in the game.




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