Camera, colours, sound... What happened for the past few weeks?

Sound, camera and… Action!

Some nice features have been introduced throughout the past weeks. We haven’t made a big fuss about it, but the truth is… They’re noticeable.

Now, users can use both cameras (back and front) to record their challenges — this means that we now give our Moovers the choice of having someone filming them with the back camera while they perform their best. This allows a more professional filming, with (probably) better quality and freedom.

Another improvement was the optional record of sound while recording the battle. Meaning that you can choose whether you want the original sound recorded or not. In the future, this might be combined with other options such as music, sound effects and others.

Plus, we’ve mentioned it on a Tweet: our Legendary Challenges now have new rewards. So, beating the legends can now double your original investments. Practice and take on the challenges!

Major Re-Design

Following our efforts of updating our visual communication, we thought it was time to bring our “lighter” mood to our web app: so, welcome “Light Mode”!

Our Marketplace has also changed — and will continue to change. We’ve also brought more light to it, closing its appearance to the one of our main website. But the change was not only visual, but also functional: we now have renting and selling in the same marketplace.

Utility, lives & challenges

Each NFT now has utility and lives. This causes an impact on the gameplay and our app now reflects it — showing the lives each NFT has. You will need to upgrade your NFTs to use them in-app and to see how many lives available they have.

There are a couple of ways to recharge them: buying more lives or winning legendary challenges. So, keep practicing and winning!

Login & Bugs

We’re not perfect, but we’ll get there! We’ve improved our login experience for a faster and easier access to the app. Plus, we’ve also fixed minor bugs that we detected and that our community reported to us — thanks to all of you involved!

Keep playing and improving your score. New challenges are coming!



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dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges