By all means, keep on MOOVing and you shall be rewarded

2 min readJul 26, 2022


Explaining dotmoovs’ ranking without numbers

You have likely heard “consistency is key” in a few different scenarios. Teachers remind others of it all day long, while personal trainers share it alongside a picture of their 7 am post-workout breakfast, for example. Though a little daunting for some, performance consistency is the holy grail in competitive sports.

Given our commitment to providing everyone with a trusted and fair competition platform and because we value skill and consistency, we’ve paid special attention to the math to rank a player’s performance.

It’s so much more than a one-time score

Our rating algorithm is an extension of the Elo rating system, which was originally invented to measure the skill of chess players. The beauty of the Elo rating system is that it focuses on the players’ relative skill instead of a one-time score, meaning that one’s performance is inferred from their wins and losses against their opponent’s ratings. Simply put, your ranking position not only depends on your performance and that of your competition but also on both of your track records.

The logic behind the math

The algorithm calculates the chance of a person’s outcome when playing against other players. Practically speaking, this is how it works:

  • If you win against someone with a much higher rank than yourself, and you’ve been winning challenges regularly, you’ll earn a lot of ranking points. However, if you’re a streaky player who happens to win against a higher-ranked person, you won’t climb that much on the ranking since your skillfulness is yet to be determined. The bottom line is that your track record informs us of your skill.
  • If you lose against a player with a lower rank than yours, whether you lose many ranking points or not will depend on how consistent of a player you’ve been thus far. Consistent players are bound to be less penalized.

Competition has long been recognized as a driving force for personal evolution and skill improvement. The fact is: the only way to keep improving (and climb the ranks) is to keep on MOOVing!




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