Ambassador’s Program. How can you join Figo and Quaresma as our ambassadors?

2 min readJul 21, 2021


Time to bring the Ambassador’s Program to the table

We were long waiting for this moment: bringing YOU to the team! When we launched our MVP, we promised it would bring more than just an opportunity for you to try our technology — it would be the catalyzer of several other opportunities. The staking was the first one, now comes… The Ambassadors Program!

We know that several of our moovers are not great freestylers, but just like ourselves, they truly like the project and want to support it, so we decided to bring this model where anyone can participate and choose their best ability to help:

The model is built to stimulate and bring awareness to dotmoovs, including from our own community. Through the dotmoovs’ Ambassadors Program, every community member will have the opportunity to apply into our program, earn rewards based on their development in our program as well as benefits in the dotmoovs platform.

Our proposal is that Ambassadors focus on tasks such as:

  • Spreading dotmoovs through social media (be influencers);
  • Bringing new Ambassadors into our program;
  • Supporting the development and management of our public communities;
  • Writing articles and post them on Blogs, Social Media and Press channels;
  • Testing our Platform and Beta App;
  • Recording Freestyle videos


To increase the fairness between all of our ambassadors, the tasks will be submitted through a form, that asks a few questions about the task you’ve done, such as (but not limited to):

  • the number of hours dedicated to this task;
  • its benefits to our project and community;
  • and its reach.

Those tasks will be peer reviewed and must meet our own standards and metrics to evaluate and ensure fairness between all Ambassadors. You are free to submit anything you’ve done that is relevant to dotmoovs.


The Top Ambassadors will be rewarded based on their performance in the tasks they have submitted, and the Head of Ambassadors will get Bonus Points on each new indicated Ambassador that receives significant feedback and points as well.

Top Ambassadors are the ones included in a determined pool eligible for a reward (e.g. 10 ambassadors with the highest score). Top Ambassadors in the list are eligible for a special prize based on their score.

dotmoovs will select Ambassadors to our Program.

Top Ambassadors might be eligible to become Head of Ambassadors. This role means that users can push new Ambassadors and validate their own tasks as well; and those referred Ambassadors who got validated tasks can be eligible to be one of the Top Ambassadors for the respective month.

Excited? We surely are! Register yourself here




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