A tournament, an open beta and a new listing! What a #WeeklyRecap

Connecting your wallet and being part of the WebSummit celebrations

We started the week announcing the long-waited wallet connection to the app. The connection will allow users to load their $MOOV and use them on the app challenges and tournaments.

We also took the chance to be part of the WebSummit celebrations and present dotmoovs to the World. It was also time to bring another denites to life, organising an event for over 300 guests in Lisbon and bringing 12 other crypto and blockchain projects together.

Our first app tournament is just around the corner and throughout the week we disclosed the teams our users will be able to join and compete for. Six teams are joining dotmoovs and bringing their communities closer to ours: Exeedme, Cudos, Utrust, Ocean Protocol, Ferrum Network and Polygon.

Our MOOV the Block tournament is full of surprises, from $2000 in rewards to a special giveaway Soccer ball. And if you help us share it, you can win some special rewards!

The listing vote campaign for Gate.io listing has come to an end. In this vote dotmoovs (MOOV) received close to 22 million votes from 6,723 participants, more than doubling the 10 million votes needed to be listed. Trading for the MOOV/USDT trading pair is now available.

Open Beta is now accessible to everyone!

The day has finally arrived and we’re not going to lie: we were nervous. The idea of finally opening our Beta Version to the World was something we’d been wanting for a long time, but it’s always a nerve wracking.

Let’s start this incredible journey and connect people all over the world. Our Open Beta couldn’t have happened without the help of hundreds of early adopters who jumped in to test & give feedback. Thank you all!!