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The waiting is over, the Listing is here

We know, it sure looked like it was never going to arrive. After this surprise announcement, we had to wait 5 long weeks to see it coming: the official date is Wednesday, September 29th. Bitglobal is a worldwide trading platform for digital assets. It is a global product initiated by Bithumb, which is one of the largest South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges.

Several initiatives connected to the $MOOV launch on Bitglobal are being conducted, so stay tuned to our and their channels.

Celebrating the 1-month anniversary of our Ambassadors Program

This was the time to celebrate 1 month of Ambassadors Program. We know that several of our moovers are…

Our road to the App is being built

This Week in Metrics:

  • 77% Challenges Requested on the Plaftorm
  • 43 Users From New Cities Registered
  • 7% Higher MOOV Invested Per Challenges
  • +50 New Users Registered
  • Legendary NFT Packs SOLD OUT

Our road to the App is being built

“The Balls” Collection was launched to start a new phase on dotmoovs. A phase where engagement is key and entertainment is king. A unique collection of different legendary (sold out), rare and common balls, plus 1 Galaxy Ball that bring a solid pavement to where the app is going.

But, don’t be fooled by the rocks that we got! We’re still dotmoovs from the block. Our ultimate goal is to give you an…

Ahead of time. Listening to the crowd!

Some months ago we released our Roadmap. But so much has happened that we need to update it — and we’re doing it for good reasons.

When we started this adventure, we couldn’t predict how things would go. We’re developing some groundbreaking technologies to change the world of sports. Small thing, hun?

BUT, we managed to grow faster than we were expecting and thanks to an amazing team of developers, data scientists and engineers, together with our fantastic team of business, marketing and growth managers, we managed to stay ahead of schedule and plan several new features to make the…

NFTs and football… With a twist

It’s a unique collection of 5 different legendary balls (each from 10 to 100 units), 10 different rare balls (each from 200 to 250 units) and 10 different common balls (each with 350 units). Oh… And have we mentioned the Galaxy Ball?

Tomorrow, September 30th, will be the day where the 1st NFT Collection will be released!

Owning different combinations of The Balls will allow you to access exclusive challenges in the future (some of them Legendaries!), access new Balls or even create your own MOOV NFT in a limited edition available just for a few users.

Utility Assets like no others

Our CEO and…

We’ve announced our first collection of NFTs, but what’s their purpose and utility besides being collectible?

NFTs are such an interesting asset: they can be used for so much more than just collecting them. As you might have noticed in our previous article, our collections will be used for making the game even more appealing and engaging.

What’s the Plan? The NFT 2.0

Let’s dig deeper:

We’ve mentioned it before: collect to unlock. That’s our motto! Hey, if Tomb Raider could do it, why can’t we? (yes, we’ve left a link in Tomb Raider just in case you’ve been living in a cave for the past 25 years or you REALLY don’t like video games)

For now you probably already heard about…

Ready to enter into a new Universe with $MOOV?

Common. Rare. Legendary. You probably are familiar with the terms. You’ve seen them before. But what we’re introducing here is something that no one has ever done before.

We want to gamify sports and make it even more iconic, unique and fun by merging the Digital with Physical, creating a new future of Phygital experiences. Be one of the 1st to collect & trade The Balls, 1st Edition!

When we first started developing dotmoovs, we knew we wanted to close the gap between physical and digital; and when we proposed doing our own collection of NFTs we knew we had…

50 users got their hands on the app and there’s a floating cloth to be unveiled

1 Week has passed since our BIG announcement

It seems like it was a year ago, but only 10 days have passed since 50 Moovers and some other guests got their hands on our App. And just like our HoG, Ricardo, mentioned on Telegram, their contribution was tremendous: it helped us correct some of the features, improve further the AI system, collect data to feed the algorithm and much more!

  • Scores: 276.920
  • Videos: 186
  • Countries: 26
  • Cities: 61

And while people were still talking about how they could also try our technology…

Gamifying the real life experience

So, you’re a big fan of a sports club? Are you even a member of that sports club? How could we turn that into an improved experience at dotmoovs? Well, we need data validation.

We, at dotmoovs, are always looking for ways to improve the user experience. And fans with a long history and relationship with a sports club should be able to get special rewards, early access to new features, merchandise, and much more.

And this is where DIA comes in. We enter into a new collaboration to develop an oracle that will feed the dotmoovs platform with data…

Sports began as a leisure activity.

They were played either as pure entertainment, or as an amateur activity that was worth it for its own sake.

The development of fixed rules and refereeing happened at different stages for different sports, but in homage to our ambassadors Ricardo Quaresma and Luís Figo, we are going to be telling this story mostly through the lens of football (the fact that it’s by far the most popular sport on the planet, and most of the readers will like it and know the rules, is entirely coincidental *wink wink*).

Football didn’t even have rules for its first thousand years.


Well well well… So we have a countdown. Is it important? Yes. But first let’s talk about that amazing AMA we had!

We decided to take a new approach on our latest AMA (Ask Me Anything) session: our CEO and COO, Pedro and Salomé, recorded their answers on video, providing a more detailed and insightful interaction with the community. Moderated by our Head of Growth, Ricardo, the session started this Monday, August 16th, at 12.00 GMT.

Among many other things, our team ended up revealing several things and giving an insightful vision of the project: a glimpse on the next sports, security concerns and a mention to “Legendary Challenges” and new exchange listings. …


dotmoovs is a peer-to-peer competition platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyse videos of players performing sports challenges

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